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 Company Outline
 Company Outline
1954 Company was founded. Located headquaters (office, factory, and laboratory) at 28, Shingyo-machi, Wakayama-city. Began to manufacture Rapidogen dyes and pigment resin colors began.
1957 Moved headquaters to Omatsu-cho 6-chome, Wakayama-city, in order to improve and rationalize productivity.
1963 Built o new plant at 4-2, Uzu 4-chome, Wakayama-city
1966 Achieved successful development of disperse dyes for polyester fibre.
1968 Achieved succesful development of Retro reflective Sheeting. Constructed a pilot plant at Nakanoshima 969, Wakayama-city.
1972 Constructed a new plant for Reflective sheeting at 196-1, Kishigawa-cho-kita, Kinokawa-city, Wakayama.
1978 Qualified to Japan Industrial standards for reflective sheeting and tape for safety(JIS Z9117).
1979 Began to manufacture quality Naphthol Dyes.
1982 Achieved successful development of Reactive dyes for textile use.
1988 Completed the main office building at 33, Minamitanabe-cho, Wakayama-city.
1993 Constructed the second plant for Computerized and dust-free coating line (Line No.3) in Kishigawa factory.
1994 Installed polluted water treatment system for the observance of new regulation against water pollution.
1996 Installed spray dryer, powder mixing & automatic filling system in Omatsu factory.
1997 Film Division was certified to ISO9002 (ISO9002-JQA1717).
1998 Introduced an automatic packing and a strage system into Kishigawa factory.
Installed a new laminating and casting line (Line No.4) was installed.
2002 Achieved successful development of various sheetings and media for digital image printing and various inks for ink jet printer.
2003 Completed the Kishigawa Research & Development Center for Film Division.
Changed Certificate No. of ISO to ISO9001-JQA1717.
2004 Completed the Omatsu Research & Development Center for Dyestuff Division.
2007 The Osaka Customs approved Kishigawa Factory to a bounded factory.
2010 Constructed the third plant with clean room for multipurpose coating facilities in Kishigawa factory.
2017 Awarded the Excellent Enterprise Prize of Good Company Prizes by The Medium and Small Business Research Institute for the year of 2016. 
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