KIWACAL @Antiposter Film

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Antiposter Film
E Feature
E Application
E Standard size
Anti-Poster film with heavy durability keeps the appearance of the street for long time.
Anti-poster film with rough surface treated peculiarly extinguish the intention to post bills or posters. Even if bills and posters are put up on this film, they are easily removed.
Easy to remove flyers and posters, and keeps good appearance for a long time.
  Pre-coated adhesive works easy application.
  Blocks UV ray and protects substrate from fading.

Electric distribution equipments, public facilities such as telephone pole, guardrail and traffic sings, etc.

 Standard size
Pj Color Clear
Qj Size 1.24m~50m
Rj Surface material Silicon resin
Sj Film thickness 210ʂ@iIncluding adhesivej
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