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Antiskid Film
E Feature
E Application
E Standard size
Decoration and advertisement meet floor safety.
This film prevents passengers from slipping and falling down by just applying on the slippy floor, and its transparency keeps good legibility of the message or design on the floor.
Best for safe and effective floor advertisement.
  Transparent glass beads give anti-skid function and do not spoil substrate decoration.
  Blocks UV ray and protects substrate from fading.
  Heavy durability and stability of size enable long-term use.

Overlamination on floor advertisement, floor surface of factory and warehouse, steps of ladder and stairs, etc.

 Standard size
Pj Color Clear
Qj Size 1.24m~50m
Rj Surface material Acrylic resin
Sj Film thickness 210ʂ@iIncluding adhesivej
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