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Fluorescent Film
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Photoluminescent Film demonstrates its effects and performance at an emergency.
Strong luminescence shows and guides the various information necessary for refuge in the dead darkness when power failed at an emergency.
Photoluminescent Film starts emitting luminescence simultaneously with blackout.
  Photoluminescent Film is entirely maintenance free and neither need light source nor power supply.
  3 grades are available from short to long light-emitting time.

Emergency exit plate, stairs, evacuation guide plate, etc.

 Standard size
Qj Size 1~50iPHF-60jA1~50iPHF-P2jA1.24~10iPHF-P1j
Rj Surface material Acrylic resin
Sj Film thickness 370ʂiPHF-60jA350ʂiPHF-P2jA420ʂiPHF-P1j
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