KIWACAL @Self-Cleaning Film

Various Functional Films
Self-Cleaning Film
E Feature
E Application
E Standard size
Overlamination film which cleans itself effectively.
Dust and dirt are washed out with rainwater. Anti-dew property keeps clear view and its design.
The surface is always kept clean, because a thin water film formed on super hydrophilic top layer runs down together with dust.
  Heavy durability enables long-term outdoor use.
  Blocks 99% of UV ray, and protects substrate from fading.

Billboard, window glass surface, outdoor displays to clean with difficulty.

 Standard size
Pj Color Clear
Qj Size 1.24m~50m
Rj Surface material Silica particlesAFluoride resin
Sj Film thickness 70ʂ@iIncluding adhesivej
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