KIWALITE @PINF (Prominent in Nightfall) Grade@#50000 Series

Retro Reflective Sheetings
Enclosed lens type
PINF (Prominent in Nightfall) Grade #50000 Series
 Product Lineup

This product is Fluorescent color series of KIWALITE Promotional Grade #19500 Series. It works as reflective sheeting and provides good visibility in the nighttime, while Fluorescent color provides better visibility in dawn and nightfall.

 Standard size
  0.92m~45.7miGreenjA1.24m~45.7miLemon Yellowj
  The product is developed for relatively short term outdoor use, such as warning sign, temporary working zone sign, street sign, or sticker.

Minimum Coefficient of Retroreflecive values when measured in accordance with CIE Publication 54.2, using CIE standard illuminant A, are shown in Table 1. Retroreflective values under wet conditions are retained more than 80% of the values in Table 1.

Table 1
@@@@12' 5 30 25
30 15 10
  The sheeting can be expected to provide the effective performance life of 1-2 years under normal outdoor conditions except for extreme weather conditions, such as in tropical, cold, or desert areas. However, the effective performance life will depend upon substrate selection, preparation and compliance with recommended application procedures, exposure conditions and maintenance.

When measured in accordance with JIS-Z-9117 testing method, the results show 50mm or less of peeling distance.


KIWALITE screen printing inks are most recommended to KIWALITE reflective sheeting. Ordinary screen printing inks in the marketplace are also applicable, however, prior to the use, various properties and performance including adhesion or durability need to be evaluated and confirmed at customers' side.

 Advisory in Use and Storage
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