KIWA Chemical Industry Co., Ltd
Film Division


The Kiwa Chemical Industry Film Division delivers high-quality products to countries all over the world.

We are engaged in daily research efforts to continue providing products that meet our customers' needs.

Development concept

Utilizing existing technology for the power to create new things

Over a half century we have continued to develop core products in the reflective sheeting field.
Combined with and driven by these base technologies,
we continue to create new products and technologies.

To create new products and technologies, it is important to have, maintain, and improve the ability to solve problems.
Not only do we provide educational opportunities within the workplace at the Film Division - Technical Development Division,
but we are also actively engaged in extracurricular studies to develop our own abilities.

We are actively engaged in creating an environment that is conducive to bringing about new products and technologies.
In this regard we not only use our own analysis equipment,but proactively make use of equipment outside the company.

We make use of both in-house and external equipment as a way to improve the skills of development researchers by giving
them the chance to try out cutting-edge technologies.

-- Some of our initiatives --
・Special surface coating film development
・Highly weather resistant coating film development
・High design performance film development
・Mold fabrication film development
・Electrical material film development
・Clean equipment knowledge
・Switchover to environmentally-friendly material metal tone film
・Low VOC (use of water-based coating, etc.) as alternative to high-concern substances