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The solid quality of the KIWALITE series delivers outstanding performance.
The KIWACAL photoluminescent series also features a lineup of items that are
perfect for securing safe evacuation routes that lead outdoors during emergencies.
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Product name Durability Product size Feature
Engineer Grade #2600 series 7years
1240mmx45.7m Grade commonly used for official signage
Long-term durability
Excellent retro-reflectivity at wider observation and entrance angles
Safety Grade #9000 series 2-3years
(basic colors)
1240mmx45.7m Available in a wide variety of colors
Intended for short-term construction signs and stickers
Can be pasted on gently curving surfaces
Promotional Grade #19500 series 1-2years 920mmx45.7m
Toughness of the sheeting provides high workability
Intended for short-term construction signs and stickers
High Intensity Prismatic Grade
#55000 series
(except fluorescent and orange)
1230mmx45.7m Higher reflectivity
Available for applying reflective sheeting on this sheeting
Available for combining with printed or transparent colored film
Soft High Intensity Grade
#62000 series
3-5years 1240mmx45.7m Can be applied to three-dimensional curved surfaces and slim pillars with its flexibility
Higher reflectivity offers superb visibility
PINF Grade #50000 series 1year green
lemon yellow
Combines both retro-reflective properties with fluorescent colors
High workability provided by toughness of the sheeting
Excellent visibility both day and night
Fleet Marking Grade #17000 series 5-7years 1240mmx45.7m Developed for use on curved base materials
Offers excellent reflective performance both day and night
Anti-skid Film 7-10years 1240mmx50m High anti-slip function
High transparency to demonstrate underlying decoration
and advertisement effect
Long-term durability
Photoluminescent Film
(PHF-60 PHF-P2)
2-3years 1000mmx50m Stores the energy of sunlight and electric lighting, releases it in dark places
Suitable for a long-term indoor use with high durability
Intended for evacuation route signs

The values of data are measured under specific condition, not guaranteed values. Before the use of the products, please evaluate them sufficiently.

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