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KIWACAL that goes beyond the standard of functional film.

We offer a varied lineup of overlay film with special functions for various types of use.
Original coating technologies make it possible to provide functional film
with special properties not available anywhere else.
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Product name Durability Product size Feature
Urethane Metal Film 3-5years 1240mmx45.7m Long-term durability
Chloride free, Halogen free
Heat resistance, Gasoline resistance
Anti-graffiti Film 7-10years 1230mmx50m Highly water and oil repellent
Easy to clean off the film surface even when spraypainted
Blocks UV ray and protects substrate from fading
Anti-poster Film 7-10years 1240mmx50m Easy to remove posters by a structure of uneven surface
with release resin layer
Blocks UV ray and protects substrate from fading
Anti-skid Film 7-10years 1240mmx50m High anti-slip function
High transparency to demonstrate underlying decoration
and advertisement effect
Long-term durability
Self-cleaning Film 10 years
or equivalent
1240mmx50m Super hydrophilic properties maintain a beautiful surface
Suitable for a long-term outdoor use with high durability
Blocks 99% of UV ray, and protects substrate from fading
Photoluminescent Film
(PHF-60 PHF-P2)
2-3years 1000mmx50m Stores the energy of sunlight and electric lighting, releases it in dark places
Suitable for a long-term indoor use with high durability
Intended for evacuation route signs
Hard-coat Film Prevent scratches and stains on screens, monitors and touch panels
Variety of functional combinations possible

The values of data are measured under specific condition, not guaranteed values. Before the use of the products, please evaluate them sufficiently.

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We offer a wide range of products to meet customer needs, so please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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